Xpress Fashion Business & Design Breakthru


The more you know, the more you have the power to grow

Running a Fashion Business means you are equipped to make educated Design decisions that positively impact your  bottom line .     The more you know, the more you have the power to grow    

Is this for you?

X press Program is designed for working professionals.

  • Already in the industry and want to improve your performance. 
  • New to the industry looking for a solid foundation. 
  • Self taught, already in the industry... cant go back to school, but still want to polish your business

 We took 25 years of industry experience in both fashion business & design + 10 years of developing university lectures for 4 year degree programs.  Distilled down to  what you absolutely need to know . Delivered In a way that suits your schedule and budget. A combination of on line content and small group or private sessions   Tailors your experience, at fraction of the cost of text books alone for a 4 year degree.   The more you know …the more you grow.  

Getting Started

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Small group or private sessions

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your most precious fashion business asset is time


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fashion business break through on your terms

Break Through On your Terms

Want  it all at the same time? Or bit by bit?

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A smart, interactive workshop environment.   

Cost effective approach to reaching your goal.

Even better, if you can put together your own team of 3 to 5 people you don’t have to wait for the next group session to begin. We can create one for you. 



Ready to go straight to break-through mode without the distraction of other ideas/concepts that are hashed out in a group setting?

Have a tight schedule? or need to fly in for training?

Private Sessions are your bets option . 

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Course Outline


Complete Xpress Cross Trainer Program consists of 5 Courses. 

Each course is designed to give you a streamlined, cost effective way to get a professional foundation at a discounted rate to help support your growing business.



Each of the 5 Courses are  $875 private or $450 for group.

1.Concept Development

Brand Philosophy, Merchandising Plan, Target Market,Price Points, Cost Overview, Size Chart

2.Product Development

Industry Terms, Fabric Buying, Line Sheets & Catalogs

3.PR & Communications

Building a strategy to engage both your target audience and the media that fits into your budget.

4.Marketing/Social Media

Developing a Marketing Plan, Strategy, and Tracking System to reduce costs and utilize social media to grow my audience.


Distribution Plan /Proof of Concept and cost out strategies for wholesale, retail, etail and hybrid sales formats.


Course Outline Detail

Course Outline, Delivery Options & fees.

2018 Xpress Xtrainer info package (docx)