Xpress Xtrainer Q & A

Questions about Cross Training in Fashion

Why Cross Train?


If you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, School Teacher…anyone with an idea but no background in fashion, this is for you. The opportunity to reinvent yourself has never been closer to your fingertips. Advances in tech and communication have opened the doors to launching an idea into a business, in ways that did not exist when we went to school. 

How long does the full cross trainer program take?

 Depends on your preferences …Anywhere from 1 to 10 weeks.

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What is the benefit of doing the Xtrainer, instead of projects that are specific to my needs?

After your frame work is built …your perspective and growth strategies will change your needs and jump start your business. Creating specific programming should happen after you have a strong base 

What happens if I want to book an hour training session before committing to the whole program?

No worries, try it before you buy it.

There are 2 ways.

1. Book a free 20 minute session

2. Book an hour and you can roll it over to which ever package you like. 

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I have been in the industry for years, how can this jump start my business?

The entire fashion and beauty business has changed with new global economy. With that change comes opportunity that you can tap into ESPECIALLY if you went to Fashion School before 2010

Course Outline

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