hand blended , melting body scrub infused with liqueurs

Merchandise Services

Creative Direction & Product Development to expand your brand's reach .

Create multiple level price points from marketing giveaways to museum quality installations. 

We merge 20 years of stage design with retail to create a merchandising experience like no other. 

Merchandise Coaching

Learn how to translate your vision into products that showcase your brand.

Social Media and Marketing that support your sales goals. 

Private Label Fashion

Create a  Fashion Experience around your Launch Concept.

Everything from Ballgowns, to Fashion Art installations

Private Label Beauty

Our Beauty Bar pairs your cocktail concept and flavor profile with candles, scrubs and fragrances.

Creating an unforgettable experience.

We would like to hear more about your brand

schedule a 20 minute session and lets see what concepts and product we can develop for you.


Download the Menu for more detail.

We are happy to give custom quotes. 

Average Beginner package $4500.00 US Dollar

* includes branding, labels, hardware and merchandise display

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